About us

Cuptain Planet is a small business based in Canberra, Australia. Esther, a hobby potter started out making traditional take away coffee cups as presents for friends and family. Thanks to those enthusiastic people spruiking them at cafes, it wasn't long before Esther enlisted the help of Mark, a Kiwi engineer. He rose to the challenge and became a self taught mold maker and slip cast extraordinaire. A tin garage was converted into a pottery studio and Cuptain Planet was born. 

Mark, a serial misplacer of things, wanted to make the perfect takeaway cup - with no lid to lose. Hours of looking at cups, thinking about cups and talking about cups resulted in the design of the Mo Mug. But it didn't stop there. His inner geek peaked with the design of the Cyber Mug which was inspired by electric cars, rockets and drones. 

Whether you like the humble design of the traditional Essie cup, or the new age Cyber Mug, an eye-catching Cuptain Planet cup is sure to be a conversation starter where ever you go.