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Digital Ceramics - In person Canberra - 16th to 30th October 2022

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A beginner course into digital ceramics that will take you through the processes of designing, printing and casting your own professional looking mold for slipcasting.  The course will give you enough knowledge so that you could buy your own printer to make more molds, stamps and other pottery tools.

Goals of the course:

For students to gain an understanding of using Computer Aided Design and 3D printing to create ceramic forms.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the basics of Fusion360 and how to create and edit models.
  2. Learn how to take a model and prepare it for 3D printing.
  3. Learn how to load a file to a 3D printer and start a print.
  4. Learn how to prepare a 3D print for casting into plaster.
  5. Learn how to prepare a plaster mold ready for slip casting.

Session 1:  16th October 1-4pm

  • Overview of process
  • Fusion 360 basics
  • Students start modeling their design

During the week:

  • Students continue refining their design at home with support via zoom and email.
  • Students design is 3D printed for look and feel, ready for session 2.

Session 2: 22d October 1-4pm

  • Final changes to design
  • Developing the part lines of the design for mold making 
  • In depth 3D printing overview
  • What to look for when purchasing a printer

During the week:

  • Students continue refining their design/ mold parts at home with support via zoom and email
  • Students mold parts are 3D printed ready for session 3

Session 3: 29th October 10-4pm

  • Preparing 3D prints for mold making
  • Plaster basics
  • Mold making of student's design

Session 4: 30th October  10-2pm

  • Continue mold making   
  • Slip casting basics
  • Pouring of student's molds


  • A drawing of the design that you want to make.  For example cup, xmas decoration - something that is difficult to hand build or throw
  • A laptop computer, Mac or PC.  The design software does not run on iPads or Tablets.
  • Basic computer skills, ability to email attachments, install programs etc.

Other info:

  • Limit of 6 participants
  • Materials and printing provided
  • Tea and coffee provide - cafe and shops are also close by
  • Location - Watson, Canberra