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Wooly Poo - Free Canberra Delivery

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Sold Out!  Waiting for a couple of days with no rain so i can get on to the farm track to collect the poo! Delivery hopefully this Friday the 16th. 


Direct from deep under old wool sheds around Canberra to your garden.   I'm loading the poo into the trailer using a my homemade vacuum/mulcher so you get about 20% more nutrients per bin compared to other sellers.

Sheep manure is a natural slow-release fertiliser. Nutrients in sheep manure fertiliser provide adequate nourishment for a garden. It is high in both phosphorus and potassium, essential elements for optimal plant growth. These nutrients help plants to establish strong roots, defend against pests and grow into vibrant and productive plants. Sheep manure can also be used as organic mulch. Because of its low odor, sheep manure can easily be used to top dress garden beds.

A garden bed that has a high level of organic matter drains well and has a high number of earthworms and soil microbial activity, all good for plants.

The next delivery is in spring - we are overseas for a few months visiting family in NZ.    If you place an order now delivery will be then! 

How it works:

  • Choose either a wheelie bin or three bags full (same volume)
  • Click order and pay by credit card 
  • On the day of drop off, leave an empty green or yellow wheelie bin in an easy to get to place.
  • I will fill it to the brim full of sheep manure
  • You can then cart the bin around the garden scooping it out as you go.
  • Free Delivery Canberra, or contactless pick up in bags or your own containers from Kerferd Street in Watson.

If the bin is a bit heavy to cart around the garden, scoop out what you need to reduce the weight a bit.  When it gets low in the bin, wheel it to you veggie patch and tip the bin over then mix it in.